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Religious Figures

Kanjeng Kyai Pengulu

The greatest figure in religious field of Ngayogyakarta Hadiningrat Sultanate is someone who gets the title as Kyai Kanjeng Pengulu. He has a role which not only as a guardian of marriages but also in the charge of public duty in palace administration, particularly in religious issues. He also serves as spiritual adviser to Sultan and leads the ceremonies and religious activities which held in Palace.

In addition, Kanjeng Kyai Pengulu should have deep knowledge in Islamic laws applied in Sultanate. He has an important role like a minister who heads the department of religion. Kanjeng kyai Pengulu of Ngayogyakarta Sultanate serves as High Priest of Mahkamah Al-Al-Kabirah (Big Court). This institution is Royal Justice Agency that its system is based on sharia Islamiyah (Islamic laws). At first, this court dealt with ahwal al-syakhsiyah (Social affairs) and jinayah (criminality), but it was changed and only dealt with family affairs (marriage, divorce, and inheritance).

Kyai Kanjeng Pengulu is also responsible in the management of the Great Mosque in Kauman. This mosque is in charge of the kingdom's mosques of Pathok Negoro and the mosques of kagungan dalem that located in various places in the Sultanate's territory. These mosques take a part of Great Mosque that accomplished their functions together. It can be seen from the position of the priest/penghulu/kyai of the mosques which became Big Court members in the area of Islamic issues in the court.

Kyai Kanjeng Pengulu leads Kawedanan Pangulon Institute in which all religious ritual procession included. It is located in Dalem Pengulon, north of the Sultanate Great Mosque. Abdi Dalem Pengulu is in charge of Royal servants who served in other religious areas, such as Abdi Dalem Pamethakan, Suronoto, Modin, and others.

The first person who served as Kanjeng Kyai Pengulu in Ngayogyakarta Sultanate was Kyai Ibrahim Faqih Diponingrat. Now its position is amnestied to Raden Tumenggung (KRT) Ahmad Kamaludiningrat.


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