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Great Royal Wedding Reception at Dalem Kepatihan

October 19, 2011 16:14

Yogyakarta, KerajaanNusantara.Com - The Great Royal Wedding reception between GKR Bendara with Yudanegara KPH was held in Dalem Kepatihan (18/10) attended by some officials, among of them were the Governor of Central Java, Bibit Waluyo, the Attorney General Hendarman Supanji and also some artists, who were Widyawati, Frans Tumbuan, and Rima Melati.

The reception was begun at 19:00 pm by the appearance of Bedoyo Manten dance performed by six girls. Manten Bedoyo dance is a royal dance created by Sri Sultan Hamengkubuwono IX. This dance is only performed when there is Sultan's daughter getting married.

Manten Bedoyo dance featuring the story of two lovers from the beginning of their relationship until united in sacred bond as husband and wife. Two dancers are acting as bridal couple, while four other dancers play a role as Srimpi dancer. The dance is accompanied by the song entitled ‘Ladrang Sangaskoro Gati’.

After the appearance of Bedoyo Manten dance, the next was performed Lawung Ageng dance created by Sri Sultan Hamengkubuwono I as a symbol of royal soldiers who are practicing war. Ageng Lawung dance is danced by 16 male dancers, which consists of two botoh, two salotho, four Jajar, four lurah, and four ploncong.

After the appearance of Lawung Ageng dance, the invited guests who more less than 2000 people were congratulating the bride and groom in which the reception was ended around 22:00 pm.

English translation: M. Noer Said

Photo source: Collection of kerajaannusantara.com

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