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Panggih, Tompo Koyo, and Dhahar Klimah

October 18, 2011 15:33

The Procession of Koyo Tompo performed by GKR Bendara and KPH Yudanegara

Yogyakarta, KerajaanNusantara.Com - The procession of Pingitan for bridal couple is over after the groom, KPH Yudanegara settled an agreement of marriage at Panepen Mosque. The couple of royal wedding of Ngayogyakarta Hadiningrat Sultanate, GKR Bendara and KPH Yudanegara is now officially becomes husband and wife.

The end of Pingitan is marked with the procession of Panggih, a meeting between KPH Yudanegara with GKR Bendara at 10.00 am located in Kencono Ward (18/10). Before the procession of Panggih, the both brides are prepared separately at two different places. KPH Yudanegara wore the clothing of Basahan has been waiting in Kasatriyan Ward. Meanwhile, GKR Bendara has also prepared in Kedathon Sekar Ward.

There in Kencono Ward were Sri Sultan HB X accompanied by Gendhing Prabu Mataram and Rajamanggala. The Sultan then checked all the preparations to perform the procession of Panggih. When Sri Sultan said that all the preparations have been enough, he gave an order to GBPH Prabukusuma and GBPH Cakraningrat to pick up KPH Yudanegara.

KPH Yudanegara along with GBPH Prabukusuma and GBPH Cakraningrat then headed toward Kencono Ward from Kasatriyan Ward. The groom entourage was consisting of GBRAy Murdokusumo brings Kembar Mayang (bouquet made of different kind of leaves), GBPH Prabukusuma, GBPH Cakraningrat, the group of men doing “craziness”, KPH Yudanegara accompanied by GBPH Suryadiningrat and GBPH Suryametaraman, and the groom’s parent.

Once the groom entourage walked from Kasatriyan Ward, the bride entourage also walked from Sekar Kedathon Ward toward Kencono Ward, both to perform the procession of Panggih. The bride entourage was consisting of Abdi Dalem Kerapak brings Kembar Mayang, GKR Pembayun, Patah (two little daughters who bring fans), GKR Bendara accompanied by Bray Suryadiningrat and Bray Suryametaraman.

When the both entourages met at Kencono Ward, the procession begun with pairing two Kembar Mayang and continued by throwing Gantal (betel leaves) to each other of brides. After that, GKR Bendara washed KPH Yudanegara’s feet as a symbol of respect. Then the brides performed the last ritual, Pondhongan, where KPH Yudanegara holds GKR Bendara to aisle to receive greetings from the guests.

This event was attended by the President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono and the Vice President Budiono accompanied by several ministries and the Head of Indonesian Legislative Assembly. Among the invited guests were also seen some of the Kings of Indonesian archipelago, including the Young King of Banjar Sultanate, Khairul Saleh, accompanied by the Head of the Center for Research and Development of Malay Culture, Datuk Cendekia Hikmatullah Mahyudin Al Mudra SH,. MM., It was also attended by the King of Siak Sultanate, and the King of Cirebon Sunanate.

After the procession of Panggih was performed, both brides walked toward Purworukmi Ward (complex of Kasatriyan Ward) to perform the Processions of Tompo Koyo and Dhahar klimah. There KPH Yudanegara handed over "Koyo" (the term means money and the grain) to GKR Bendara as a symbol of readiness of KPH Yudanegara to serve as the head of family. After that, the both brides were directed by GKR Pembayun into Gadri Kasatriyan to perform the procession of Dhahar klimah.   

Text: Tunggul Tauladan

English translation: Noer Said

Photo source: Library Media Center General Wedding of GKR Bendara with KPH Yudanegara

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