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The Procession of Tantingan to Seek 'Willingness'

October 18, 2011 08:56

Yogyakarta, KerajaanNusantara.Com – The series of great royal wedding processions between KPH Yudanegara with GKR Bendara have entered the second day. There are two sessions, first is the procession held at daylight in which performing the procession of Siraman and the second session is held at night for the processions of Tantingan and Midodareni.

The procession of Tantingan for the bride is held in Tratag Proboyekso Ward and there will be attended by Sri Sultan Hamengkubuwono X, GKR Hemas, and five Sultan’s daughters, who are GKR Pembayun, GKR Condrokirono, GKR Maduretno, GRAj NurabraJuwita, and GKR Bendara. There are also presented by Abdi Dalem Pamethakan (derived from “Pethak” in Javanese language means white), and some delegation from the Office of Religious Affairs (KUA).

The procession is begun when Sri Sultan HB X with GKR Hemas and their five daughters were present and sat in Tratag Proboyekso Ward at 07:00 pm. Sri Sultan HB X gives an order to two Abdi Dalem to pick up Abdi Dalem Pamethakan who have been waiting (sitting cross-legged) on the north side of Proboyekso Ward.  

After getting invited by the Sultan, all Abdi Dalem Pamethakan then walk slowly toward the Sultan and sit on the left. Two persons of Abdi dalem, one from the delegation of KUA and the other from Abdi Dalem Pamethakan, sit cross-legged before the Sultan. At this time, the Sultan makes the procession of Tantingan to GKR Bendara using Bagongan language (one of Javanese language used in Kraton) to ask GKR Bendara about her readiness and willingness to get married with KPH Yudanegara.

"Anak ingsun Gusti Kanjeng Ratu Bendara, opo sliramu wis sumadya tak dhaupake karo abdi ingsun Kanjeng Pangeran Harya Yudanegara?” means “My Son Gusti Kanjeng Ratu Bendara, are you ready to marry with Kanjeng Pangeran Harya Yudanegara?”, said Sultan HB making the procession of Tantingan to GKR Bendara. "Ingih" (yes, I’m ready), answered GKR Bendara.

After listening to the answer from GKR Bendara, Abdi Dalem Pamethakan then makes a prayer. GKR Bendara then signs a letter of an administration as a bride of KPH Yudanegara officially registered in the Office of Religious Affairs. The procession of Tantingan is completed when GKR Bendara makes the ritual of Sungkem (asking the blessing with kissing hand with respect) to Sri Sultan Hamengkubuwono X.

Sri Sultan Hamengkubuwono X, GKR Hemas, and all royal relatives, except GKR Bendara, heading toward Kasatriyan Ward after the procession of Tantingan is completed to see the preparations been made by KPH Yudanegara and to greet the family from KPH Yudanegara. After that, KPH Yudanegara hands over a bundle of flowers and a box of souvenir to be given to GKR Bendara.

The next procession of the second session at the night is the procession of Midodareni that is special for the bride held at 21.00 pm located in Sekar Kedaton Ward. The procession is supposed to get blessings of beauty, both physical and mental, just like an angel.

During the procession of Midodareni, the bride is not allowed to sleep. On this occasion, the bride is required to listen to advices, guidance, prayers, and hopes in carrying out all wedding processions until to build a family with her husband. 

Text: Tunggul Tauladan

English translation: Noer Said

Photo source: Collection of www.kerajaannusantara.com

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