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Siraman, the Next Procession by Bridal Couple of Ngayogyakarta Hadiningrat Sultanate

October 17, 2011 15:33

GKR Hemas makes a procession of Siraman to Her daughter, GKR Bendara

Yogyakarta, KerajaanNusantara.Com – The bridal couple of great royal wedding in Ngayogyakarta Hadiningrat Sultanate performs the procession of Siraman separately (17/10). For the bride GKR Bendara performs the procession in Dalem Kedaton Sekar, whereas KPH Yudanegara in Gedong Pompa that located in Dalem Kasatriyan.

GKR Bendara begins to perform the procession at 09:00 pm when GKR Pembayun (the eldest daughter of Sultan Hamengkubuwono X) arrives at Gedong Sekar Kedaton. Then GKR Pembayun sends GKR Maduretno (GKR Bendara’s older sister) along with Abdi Dalem to bring the water of Siraman Procession into Dalem Kasatriyan, where KPH Yudanegara will also perform the procession.

Inside Dalem Kasatriyan, the delegation led by GKR Maduretno that bring the water is welcomed by KGPH Hadiwinoto and then they merge the water from Gedong Sekar Kedaton with the one in Gedong Pompa. This water that will be used to bath for KPH Yudanegara. Actually, that water is especially taken from seven springs, which are from Dalem Kedhaton Sekar Ward, Dalem Regol Manikhantoyo, Dalem Manis Ward, Dalem Regol Gapura, Dalem Regol Kasatriyan, Dalem Kasatriyan Kilen, and Gadri Kagungan Kasatriyan Dalem.

The next procession is Krobongan or praying for the safety and smoothness during all the processions of marriage and for the blessing especially for the bridal couple and both families. After the procession of Krobongan is done, GKR Bendara then wears the clothing of Grompol and Sida Asih to perform the procession of Siraman located in Sekar Kedaton Ward.

The first splash is done by GKR Hemas as the mother of GKR Bendara and continued by GKR Pembayun and Nyai Pengulu who then followed by the elderly members of Ngayogyakarta Hadiningrat Sultanate. After that, GKR Bendara should drink an herbal medicine to maintain her health and also she is being scraped (scraping the hair on the forehead) intended to make the make up to be easier in the next morning.

During the procession of Siraman for the bride, KGPH Hadiwinoto is giving the order to Abdi dalem Kawedanan Hageng Punakawan Wahana Sarta Kriya to set up Tarub and Bleketepe. Tarub is the decorations made of young coconut leaves in yellow color, while Bleketepe is a woven green coconut leaves.  Commonly, the decoration consists of: two stalks of bananas, two stalks of palm ivory, two tie-harvest rice, two straight stalks of sugarcane (black sugarcane), banyan leaves, and leaves of Dadap Srep. The Tarub is put on the right and left side under the decoration of Bleketepe.

The decoration of Tarub is placed on specific locations such as Pagelaran, Pacikeran Ward, Tarub Agung, Regol Brajanala, Pancaniti Ward, Regol Keben, Srimanganti Ward, Trajumas Ward, doorlop Regol Danapratapa, doorlop Kencana Ward, and kuncung Kencana Ward. While Bleketepe is placed on eastern kuncung Kencana Ward, Regol Kasatriyan, Kasatriyan Ward, Gedong Pompa, Gedong Srikraton, Purwarukmi, and Regol Magangan.

GKR Hemas makes the procession of Siraman to Her son-in-law, KPH Yudanegara

At around 11:00 pm, GKR Hemas along with the group walk toward Dalem Kasatriyan to perform the procession of Siraman to the groom, KPH Yudanegara, who is then paraded to Gedong Pompa to perform the procession. During the procession, KPH Yudanegara wears the clothing called Pasadan Grompol singep nyamping Sida Asih.

Before the procession begun, there held some prayer first led by Nyai KRP Dipodiningrat. After praying, the first splash is performed by Hj. Nurbaiti Helmi, KPH Yudanegara’s mother then followed by GKR Hemas, GKR Pembayun, and elderly members of Ngayogyakarta Hadiningrat Sultanate. After that, KPH Yudanegara also should drink an herbal medicine to maintain his health.

For the name of the procession itself, the term “Siraman” is derived from the word "Siram" in Javanese Language means "wash or bath".  The procession of Siraman is one undergone by the bridal couple one day before making an agreement of marriage intended to purify their souls.

The parties who make the procession are the bride parents, the relatives, and the good figure of the elderly. It purposes that those people can be an example for both of them and they have right to give their blessings for the brides.

Running the procession of Siraman is needed various tools known as Ubo Rampe (terms or ceremonial tools), including: water drawn from seven springs, flowers of Setaman (seven flowers), body rubs made from rice and kencur given dye (called as konyoh panca warna), jars, and some leaves, which are Kluwih leaves, Koro leaves, Awar-awar leaves, Turi leaves, Dadap Srep leaves, and beams. 

In addition to Ubo Rampe, the procession is also contains various advices, prayers, and hopes symbolized by various things such as: Tumpeng robyong (a decorative mountain of rice), Tumpeng gundul, Snacks from traditional market, plantains, one bowl made of clay soil filled with spices and rice.

Text: Tunggul Tauladan/08/10-2011

English translation: Noer Said

Photo source: Collection of Great Marriage Media Centre GKR Bendara with KPH Yudanegara

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