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Wedding Preparation of GKR Bendara and KPH Yudanegara in 80% Completed

October 08, 2011 09:23

GKR Bendara with KPH Yudanegara

Yogyakarta, KerajaanNusantara.Com – Ngayogyakarta Hadiningrat Sultanate soon will hold great royal wedding ceremony of the youngest daughter of Sri Sultan Hamengkubuwono X, GKR Bendara, with KPH Yudanegara. In a press conference held at the Palace Kilen (7/10), GKR Bendara states that her wedding preparation has been 80% completed.

GKR Bendara or familiarly called Jeng Susan explains that its preparation includes the distribution of 2000 card invitations, wedding committee, place renovation, and so on. On the other hand, KPH Yudanegara adds that before the day of press conference, he has been reviewing the location of wedding reception in Ward Kepatihan. According to him, concerning the preparation of the event reception is almost 100% completed.

In addition to prepare the place and ceremony, the couple are also preparing themselves mentally and physically. Physically, Jeng Reni told that she always pays attention to her diet, exercise, until luluran (using herbal cosmetic to lighten skin complexion). KPH Yudanegara also maintains his stamina by exercising, studying the historical Palace of Ngayogyakarta Hadinigrat Sultanate, and also learning Javanese language.  

Stating about the plan of their honeymoon, the couple said that there would be two destinations, Lombok and Bangka-Belitung Islands. However, the decision to choose one of both places has not decided yet.

When asked about having baby, the couple agrees to have two children, "Two children are enough. Appropriate for the government program", said Yudanegara KPH. Meanwhile, when asked about their future home, KPH Yudanegara who is recently working in Jakarta responded that they would both live in two places, Jakarta and Yogyakarta. However, it seems Yogyakarta becomes the priority of the couple's residence.  

The makeup bridal couple is fully handled by the master cosmetology in Java, Tinuk Rifki, thus stated by Gusti Prabukusuma. Tinuk Rifki has become the primary reference for cosmetology business for high state officials who conducted wedding ceremony. Previously, the President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono's daughter, Anisa Pohan also used Tinuk Rifki’s services for bridal makeup. While for the catering reception in Ward Kepatihan will be handled entirely by Bale Raos.

Great Wedding Ceremony between GKR Bendara with KPH Yudanegara will be held for 4 days 4 nights, from 16th to 19th October 2011. On the 16th October will be held temanten ceremonies for the groom, one of which is the procession of Nyantri in Ward Kasatriyan. While temanten ceremony for the bride, held the procession of plangkahan and ngabekten. On the 17th October will be held the procession of siraman for the groom in Gedong Pompa, while for the bride in Sekar Kedaton Ward and followed by the ceremonies of tantingan and midodareni in the evening. While on 18th October will be held the processions of Ijab Qobul in Panepen Mosque and royal parade or known as Kirab from Royal palace to Kepatihan ward, and also held wedding reception. The last ceremony held on October 19 is farewell ceremony of both bridal couple to Sri Sultan HB X.

Tunggul Tauladan/03/10-2011

Photo Source: www.kerajaannusantara.com

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