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  • Oral Literature

    Oral Literature Here we will find one of the oral literatures that had been known by people in Yogyakarta which tells the history of Mount Merapi excerpted from the website www.ceritarakyatnusantara.com and retold by Samsuni. Here is his story: Behind the Creation of Mount Merapi Mount Merapi is located in Sleman Regency, Special District Yogyakarta (DIY) and in several districts in Central Java province as Magelang, Boyolali, and Klaten Regency. According to the story from nearby villages, the area that is now occupied by the Mount Merapi was flat ground.  It is believed that when the gods had just created the Earth, the island of java was unbalanced because of the placement of Mount Jamurdipo on the end west of the island. In order to assure the balance, god has ordered the mountain to be moved to the centre of Java. But after that, Mount Jamurdipo which was just originally a ... Read more »

  • Written Literature

    Literary Writing One of monumental literary work is Kanjeng Kyai Serat Babad Mataram. This work was one of the oldest literary works that described the establishment of Ngayogyakarta Sultanate. In addition to Kanjeng Kyai Serat Babad Mataram, the royal nobles also produced some other literary works. For an example, Serat Suryaraja written by Hamengkubuwono II in 1774. Serat Suryaraja in the form of chronicle describing the story of Ngayogyakarta palace by disguising its characters became mythical figures. Therein can be traced how the palace dealing with "new century". Read more »