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Petilasan (Rest Room)

Petilasan Cepuri Parangkusumo

Angger Pradata Akir

Petilasan Parangkusumo located in coastal areas of Bantul regency, is believed to be a meeting place between the founders of the Islamic Mataram Kingdom, Panembahan Senopati, with Nyi Roro Kidul, mystic ruler of the South Seas. In place that called Cepuri there is petilasan (rest room) from stone. This sacred place is believed to be meeting location between Panembahan Senopati who continued by the next Islamic Mataram Sultanate kings including the Kings of Ngayogyakarta, with the Queen of the South Coast.

Hence, Petilasan Cepuri Parangkusumo is an important place for indigenous/spiritual events. This place is often used for tirakatan or pilgrimage. In addition, Petilasan Cepuri is also often used as a location for Labuhan Ageng ceremony of Yogyakarta Palace, or other rituals that are usually held by the various believers. Although this place is open for public every day and has become one of tourist destinations, but there are certain day when visitors are most crowded, on the night of Tuesday kliwon and Friday Pon (pancawara).

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