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Ngabekten Ceremony (Sungkeman)

Ngabekten Ceremony or known as Sungkeman is a ritual with the way of showing respect by kneeling and pressing someone’s face to another’s knees as en evidence of his obedience and sincerity as well as in some situation asking for forgiveness to each other. This ritual is also known as Pisowanan or Parakan Ngabekten. It held at certain moments in an example on every Eid ul-Fitr, or some other special occasions in Palace.

Ngabekten is syawalan ceremony (hold in month of syawal) which has been held for very long time ago and specialized for sentana dalemwedana, darah dalem wayah, buyut, and canggah. Technical event of Ngabekten divided into two parts, the first part is on Friday especially for men and the second part is on Saturday for women, including the empress.  Ngabekten for courtiers especially for men is held in Kencana Ward, while for women in Tratag Proboyekso, in Ngayogyakarta Palace.

Before Ngabekten started, Grebeg Syawal or known as Grebeg Ba'da (Ba’da means after) is held for celebrating Eid ul-Fitr which its time is on the 1st of Shawwal and after the month of Ramadan. As supreme leader of the Ngayogyakarta Sultanate, Sultan received a honorable sungkeman from courtiers, empress, sons and daughters, sons or daughters in law, relatives, regents, and others. Duchy of Pakualaman is also attending in this ceremony which he was originally a fraction of the Islamic Mataram Kingdom as well as Ngayogyakarta Sultanate, but Sri Paku Alam just having a shakehand without kneeling and pressing his face.

In every Ngabekten ceremony, Sultan did not give any greeting or message. Sultan's just say the word "forward", as a sign of the show can begin, and "retreat" which means that Ngabekten ceremony is already completed. After a series of Ngabekten events finished, Sultan immediately leaves the area and followed by the empress and the other.

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