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Titles of Nobility (Non-Relatives)

Surakarta Hadiningrat Sunanate also confers titles of nobility for non-relatives outside the royal family and environmental Palace, who have been considered being meritorious and useful either for the Sunanate in particular or Indonesian Nation in general.

One figure who has ever received the title of nobility was Dr. Tarnama Sinambela, an alumnus of the University of August 17 1945 who earned his doctorate at Mercy College, United States, and graduated along with 26 Regents Anom Keraton Solo in 1985, was awarded by His Majesty Pakubuwono XII the title of Raden Tumenggung. Tarnama Sinambela who was born from Batak was the only representative of non-Javanese ethnic who blessed Solo nobility. His Majesty Pakubuwono XII knight deign to Sinambela under the purpose of peace between the tribes and for the sake of the unity of Indonesia. After obtaining the title of nobility from Surakarta Hadiningrat Sunanate, his name changed to Prof. DR. KRHT Tarnama Sinambela Kusumonagoro.

Drs. H. Andi Mapetahang fatwa or better-known AM Fatwa has also received from Surakarta Hadiningrat Sunanate given directly by His Majesty Pakubuwono XII. The figure of political leader and scholar of Muslim who had served as Vice Chairman of People's Consultative Council (MPR) of the Republic of Indonesia in 2004-2009 received a Badge of Honour Radyolaaksono as well as the title Notohadinagoro on July 19, 2003. The former of Vice Chairman of Indonesian Legislative Assembly (DPR) in 1999-2004 inaugurated as Kanjeng Pangeran in Surakarta Hadiningrat Sunanate on September 28, 2003.

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