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The Gold Turtle

The gold turtle was originally the collection of Kutai Kingdom. However, after the war between Kutai kingdom and Kutai Kartanegara Kingdom in the mid-17th century, then it was owned by Kutai Kartanegara kingdom as the winner of the war. The war occurred when Kutai Kartanegara led by Aji Pangeran Sinom Panji Mendapa ing Martadipura (1605-1635 AD). 

The gold turtle is a tribute from the prince of Chinese when it comes to marriage proposal to one of the daughters of the king of Kutai, Aji Bidara Putih. The arrival of the prince and few ships from China to propose the princess finally accepted. As the prince's intentions sincerity to marry Aji Bidara Putih, the prince presented a variety of jewelry made of gold and diamond, one of which is gold turtle.

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