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Titles of Nobility (Non-Relatives)

Kutai Kartanegara ing Martadipura Sultanate gives to people outside the royal family who have been regarded as meritorious particularly to the Sultanate, to people of East Kalimantan, and to the Republic of Indonesia generally. Titles of nobility is usually given coincides with the cultural events, such as in the celebration of Erau Ceremony.

In celebration of the Seven Continents Erau Pelas of 2010 held, the Sultanate has given the title of “Wirata Prana” to the Minister of Culture and Tourism, Republic of Indonesia Jero Wacik on July 2010. The person who receives this title is the favorite of the Sultanate, as he was concerned and conserved the culture, especially in Kutai. The title "Virata Prana" also means "one who holds to traditional king (leader)".

On the same occasion, the Sultanate has given the title “Raden Surya Nata Praja” to the Vice Governor of East Kalimantan H. Farid Wadjdy that means "one who has an excellent skill in governance" and given the title of “Raden Among Surawati” to the Regent of Kutai Rita Widyasari that means "An articulate intelligent slim tall woman”.

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