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Ganjar Ganjur Dance

Ganjar Ganjur Dance or also known as Ganjar Dance is a dance that held on events in Kutai Kartanegara Palace, such as Erau event, ceremonial coronation of Sultan, ceremonial coronation of new Sultan, Prince or princess’ marriage, and greeting the guests. The dance is an acculturation Kutai-Javanese culture since the interaction of Kutai Kartanegara Kingdom with Majapahit kingdom in the reign of Maharaja Sultan (1370-1420 AD). Through this interaction, Majapahit culture integrated with Kutai culture one of which is Ganjur Dance.

The acculturation of both cultures can be found in musical instruments used on Ganjar dance. During the performance, it is accompanied by instruments of Gamelan consisting of Demung, Saron, Bonang, Gender, and Kendang that are identical to Gamelan instruments in Java.

Ganjar Ganjur Dance is performed by relatives of Kutai Sultanate. They are four people who consist of two men and two women. The male dancers are called "Beganjar", while the female dancers are "Beganjur". Male dancers wear shirt that called "Miskat" and the pant that called "Dodot". As for the female dancers, they wear a costume called "Ta'wo" and "Tapik" for the top and the bottom. Each dancer brings dance accessories while dancing. The male dancer brings a mace as the female bring a fan.

Kemindu Mask Dance

Kemindu Mask Dance or also commonly referred to Kutai Mask Dance is a typical dance of Kutai Kartanegara Sultanate. The dancers of kemindu dance were commonly from Royal noble. They wore wooden mask during their performance. However, Sultan Haji Aji Muhammad Salehuddin II stated that the dancers of Kemindu Dance might be performed by common people without any royal bloodline. This statement was to popularize the art while preserving the traditional customs of Kutai Kartanegara Sultanate.

Judging from its type, way of performance, and its accompaniment, Kemindu Dance has similiarity with the mask dance in Java. The similarity of this style is believed obtained from the relation established by two kingdoms, Kutai Kartanegara and Majapahit in the reign Maharaja Sultan (1370-1420 AD). The similarity is shown in the resemblance of the story, costume, movement, and musical instrument that are also used in gamelan instruments.

Kemindu Dance is performed before the Sultan and noble guests of Kutai Kartanegara Sultanate. Traditionally, it is performed at specific events such as Seluang Mudik Ceremony, Erau, coronation of Sultan, marriages, birth ceremonies from nobility, and greeting noble guests of Kutai kartanegara Sultanate.

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