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Uncal Necklace

Uncal necklace is mandatory regalia worn by who will be inaugurated as the Sultan of Kutai Kartanegara Sultanate. According to history research, power symbol of Sultan of Kutai Kartanegara Sultanate is twin as the one is in India. It is estimated that there is relationship between Kutai Kingdom and the Kingdom in India.

One indication of India influence is in the mention of name “uncal” and called in Indian language as "Unchele". So the similarity is estimated in logical fact that the necklace uncal in India has in common with uncal Necklace in Kutai Kingdom.

According to the statement of Indian ambassador during his visit to Tenggarong in 1954, the necklace in Tenggarong has the same shape, appearance, and size with the one in India. From these similarities, it is likely the necklace in Tenggarong was brought by descendants of Indian Kings to Kutai Kartanegara Kingdom. This could have been brought by King Mulawarman Nala Dewa, King of Kutai or some descendant of previous King of Kutai Kingdom.  

In the beginning, Uncal necklace was owned by to Kutai Kingdom. However, after the between Kutai kingdom and Kutai Kartanegara kingdom in 17th century, the necklace moved to the winner of the war. At that time, Kutai kingdom was in the reign of Aji Pangeran Sinom Panji Mendapa ing Martadipura (1605-1635 AD).

Uncal necklace now belongs to Kutai Sultanate as its legacy (heritage) and cultural history. Due to the large historical and cultural values ​​embodied in uncal necklace, the regalia is now stored in Museum Mulawarwan, Kutai, East Kalimantan.

Uncal necklace was made of 18-carat gold, weighs 170 grams, and decorated with engraving (relief) fragment of Ramayana story. This necklace is estimated older than the Crown (Sultan Crown of Kutai Kartanegara).

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