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Royal Military and Ranks

Royal military of Kutai Kartanegara Sultanate is divided into two; Pangkon Panjang Front and Pangkon Dalam Front. Inside Pangkon Panjang Front there are special forces of Royal guards equipped with three-edged spear. This spear symbolizes the presence of the Sultan as if in a battle seen this spear, it is certain that the Sultan is also participated in the war. But on the contrary, if the spear is invisible, means the Sultan do not participate in the war. Three-edged spear symbolizes the unification of Batara kingdom in heaven with the kingdom of god in motherland and finally created Adji Kingdom on earth. Heaven is called the first kingdom, motherland is called the second kingdom, and earth is called the third kingdom.        

Pangkon Panjang Front are equipped with some weapons; Keliau (shield), one-edged spear, three- edged spear, and saber. This sequence has an identity, the triangle-shaped flag which the picture of dragon on it, while Pangkon Dalam Front have also an identity of triangle-shaped flag, but there is a circle in the middle of it, and there are pictures Cattle Suana in the middle of circle.

Military ranks in Kutai Kartanegara Sultanate is divided into four, namely the Commander, Vice Commander, Commandant, and Soldier. There is an insignia in each rank according to the division. Commander has insignia of three-edged spear as much as two pieces, Vice Commander has one piece, while Commandant and Soldiers has insignia without the image of three-edged spear. The Insignia is worn on both shoulders.

In addition to those soldiers, Kutai Kartanegara Sultanate also has an elite force called Sepangan Warriors. They are on duty as vanguard force in the war. Various activities had been carved by these warriors on battlefield, such as the war in 1844 between Kutai Sultanate in the reign of Aji Sultan Muhammad Salehudin (1782-1845 AD) with the British fleet, led by James Erskine Murray. In this battle, Sepangan Warriors defeated the British fleet, killing James Erskine Murray

One of the Commander of the legendary warrior, Awang Long entitled Prince Senopati Awang Long, the fourth son of Mangkubumi in Kutai Kartanegara Sultanate, Ni Raden Pati Perbangsa of his wife Ni Dayang Manta. Awang Long is recorded as the Young Commander of Sepangan Warriors involved on battlefield in 1844. He died in the battlefield and buried in Panji village or also referred to " Crying Gulf “ located not far from the center of Tenggarong.

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