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Royal Wardrobes

  • Social Activities

    Sultan Kutai Dukung Deklarasi dan Sempekat Pore Masyarakat Adat Kutai Tim inisiator bersama unsur panitia pelaksana Deklarasi dan Sempekat Pore atau Musyawarah Besar Masyarakat Adat Kutai (MAK) yang dipimpin Ir. H. Awang Yacoub Luthman MM., tanggal 5 April 2006, menghadap Sultan Kutai Kartanegara ing Martadipura, H. Adji Mohd. Salehoeddin II, di kediamannya, Jalan S. Parman, Tenggarong, Kalimantan Timur. Menurut Awang Yacoub, maksud kedatangan timnya kepada Sultan Salehoeddin II selain memohon doa restu juga sekaligus meminta dukungan Sultan agar pelaksanaan Deklarasi dan Sempekat Pore Masyarakat Adat Kutai yang dijadwalkan pada 15 April 2006 dapat terlaksana dengan baik. Menurut Awang, Sultan Kutai bersama keluarga besar sangat mendukung. Beliau juga akan hadir sekaligus melakukan upacara adat tepung tawar saat pembukaan Sempekat Pore Masyarakat Adat Kutai. Ditambahkannya, pelaksanaan Deklarasi dan Sempekat Pore Masyarakat Adat Kutai ... Read more »

  • Places of Worship

    Jami 'Aji Amir Hasanuddin Mosque Jami 'Aji Amir Hasanuddin is Kutai Kartanegara ing Martadipura Sultanate Mosque built in 1874. As the initiator of the development of Jami 'Aji Amir Hasanuddin Mosque is Aji Sultan Muhammad Sulaiman, the Sultan of Kutai who reigned during 1850 to 1899. At first, the building was in form of small mosque then it was renovated but still unfinished. When the Sultanate led by the grandson of Aji Sultan Muhammad Sulaiman, Aji Sultan Muhammad Parikesit (1920-1959), further renovation was done to build a larger mosque to be precisely in 1930. The name of the mosque known as Jami 'Aji Amir Hasanuddin Mosque and located in Tenggarong was taken from the name of Minister of the Sultanate, Aji Amir Hasanuddin who became the main developer and had the title of Haji Adji Pangeran Sosronegoro. Jami 'Aji Amir Hasanuddin Mosque has many collections in good conditions, including the mosque tower, master ... Read more »

  • Historical Sites

    Kutai Historical Sites in Muara Kaman One of Kutai Kartanegara historical sites is located in Muara Kaman, Kutai Regency, East Kalimantan. Muara Kaman is an area that became the forerunner of the establishment of Kutai kingdom in 4th century AD by the famous king, Mulawarman. One of the evidences is a long beam-shaped stone known as “Lesong Batu” had been written using character of Pallawa and Sanskrit. This stone is a material used for making the inscription “yupa” of Kutai Kingdom in the era of Hinduism. The historical site of Muara Kaman is located in Brubus village, located about 48 miles from the city of Tenggarong. In addition to “Lesong Batu”, there can be found remnants of Kutai Kingdom, such as pig's head stone, ancient fortifications, and many others. There are still many historical sites of Kutai Kingdom in Muara Kaman. One of them is in Sabintulung Village. At this location, ... Read more »

  • Burial Grounds

    Sultan Mausoleum complex of Kutai Kartanegara Sultan Mausoleum complex of Kutai Kartanegara Sultanate is located in the area of Royal Palace and Mulawarman Museum. The complex is located at St. Diponegoro, Tenggarong, Kutai kartanegara Regency, East Kalimantan. This Mausoleum contains 142 graves of relatives and the Sultans of Kutai Kartanegara. One of the Sultans who buried here is Sultan Aji Imbut known as Sultan Aji Muhammad Muslihuddin who reigned in 1739 until 1782. Aji Imbut is known as the founder of Tenggarong City. On September 28, 1782, Aji Imbut removed the central government of Kutai Kartanegara Sultanate from Pemarangan to Tepian Pandan. Sultan Aji Imbut changed the name of Tepian Pandan to Tangga Arung that means "House of the King". Hereinafter, the name of Tangga Arung was better known as Tenggarong and it was ultimately more familiar. This becomes one of the reasons for the Municipal Government of ... Read more »

  • Traditional Constitution and Laws

    The Constitution of Panji Salaten The prevailing government system of Kartanegara ing Martadipura Sultanate stipulated in the constitution of Panji Salaten. This law was formulated in the reign of Pangeran Sinom Panji Mendapa ing Martadipura (1605-1635 AD). The constitution consists of 39 chapters and there is an attachment rulebook known as constitution of Beraja Nanti that contains 164 chapters. The rules that applied on Panji Salaten and Beraja Nanti are based on Shari'a of Islam. One of which set in Panji Salaten is regarding the position of King or Sultan. On the mention, King has the highest rank and the most powerful man in the government structure of Kartanegara ing Martadipura Sultanate. According to their belief, King ensures the welfare and safety of people. In this regard, the Constitution of Panji Salaten on the article no 14 mentions that: "The King of noble, originally hereditary king. His words bring luck, ... Read more »

  • Events and Ceremonies

    The Erau Ceremony Definition The word "Erau" is derived from Kutai language means crowded, noisy, and joyful. The ceremony is held on specific event by relatives and participated by people of Kutai Kartanegara Sultanate. There are three types of Erau ceremony: 1.   Erau Tepong Tawar The ceremony was conducted by relatives of Kutai Sultanate at a determined by who has demand. There is no certain limit or known as “Tuhing” In the implementation of the ceremony from Kutai Sultanate. 2.   Erau Pelas Tahun The ceremony was conducted by relatives who aims to clean up all sorts of things interfere with earth's resources in the area of ​​Kutai Sultanate. 3.   Erau Beredar The ceremony was conducted by relatives of Kutai Sultanate in order of inauguration, appointment, and anything related to "coronation". In its implementation, the Sultan of Kutai makes ... Read more »

  • Royal Wardrobes

    Color of clothing in Kutai Sultanate had its own meaning to shows the identity as well as the rights of its wearer. Here are the colors associated with royalty and nobles of Sultanate: Color of clothing for men The Sultan wears dark yellow or golden yellow dress The Crown Prince wears bright yellow dress The Prince minister wears dark blue dress The Prince wears light blue dress Adji Kiji wears dark purple dress Raden wears dark green dress Bambang old wearing a red dress Adji who have married or older age wears black dress Adji who still teenager or unmarried wears pink dress Awang wears dark brown dress Encek wears beige dress The husbands of relatives who are not the descendants of Adji wear gray dress. Color of clothing for women The Queen wears amber-colored dress The Princess wears a dark purple dress Raden wears dark green dress Adji who has married or older age wears black dress Adji ... Read more »

  • Traditional Medicine and Medical Treatments

    Traditional medicine and medical treatments among people of Kutai Kartanegara are very diverse. Various medications and treatments can be classified into two types, outside and inside diseases. In addition to those, Kutai people also recognize the various kinds of shamans and traditional healers spread throughout every region of Kutai Kartanegara, East Kalimantan. Shamans and healers are considered as responsible for the implementation of traditional medicine. They are responsible for interpreting sacred and magical symbols into languages and tools that can be understood by ordinary people. Shamans and healers are considered as intermediaries between the unseen world and the real world. Several types of shamans known in Kutai Kartanegara community are: 1. Quacksalver Quacksalver is a profession which still can be found in many areas of Kutai Kartanegara at present. The male and female quacksalver is capable of treating ... Read more »

  • Military and Military Ranks

    Royal military of Kutai Kartanegara Sultanate is divided into two; Pangkon Panjang Front and Pangkon Dalam Front. Inside Pangkon Panjang Front there are special forces of Royal guards equipped with three-edged spear. This spear symbolizes the presence of the Sultan as if in a battle seen this spear, it is certain that the Sultan is also participated in the war. But on the contrary, if the spear is invisible, means the Sultan do not participate in the war. Three-edged spear symbolizes the unification of Batara kingdom in heaven with the kingdom of god in motherland and finally created Adji Kingdom on earth. Heaven is called the first kingdom, motherland is called the second kingdom, and earth is called the third kingdom.         Pangkon Panjang Front are equipped with some weapons; Keliau (shield), one-edged spear, three- edged spear, and saber. This sequence has an identity, the ... Read more »

  • News

    Kesultanan Kutai Kartanegara ing Martadipura tak setuju terhadap keinginan DPRD Kukar mengenai rencana mengubah nama Patung Lembuswana yang terletak di Pulau Parai Kumala. Kesultanan menyebut, masalah di patung itu tak bisa diselesaikan semudah dengan mengubah nama saja. “Ini bukan masalah nama saja, tapi sejarah. Patung itu tak bisa diubah namanya saja, karena ciri-ciri patung itu semua persis dengan ciri-ciri hewan ajaib Lembuswana yang ada di sejarah Kutai. Tidak mungkin ada dua bentuk yang sama, sementara namanya beda. Bisa terjadi hal yang membingungkan nantinya di sejarah Kutai,” tegas kesultanan melalui Pangeran Ario Jaya Winata atau yang akrab dipanggil Aji Boli. Aji Boli mengatakan bahwa dia mendapat pesan singkat dari Sultan Salehuddin II, bahwa kesultanan tak setuju bila patung itu tetap berdiri dan diganti namanya saja. “Jadi pilihannya hanya patung itu diperbaiki dan diganti dengan posisi baru, atau ... Read more »

  • News

    Gubernur Kaltim, H. Awang Faroek Ishak, Senin (28/3) pagi resmikan Gelanggang Olah Raga (GOR) Aji Imbut Kutai Kartanegara (Kukar) di Desa Perjiwa, Kecamatan Tenggarong Seberang, yang sebelumnya disebut dengan Kompleks Olahraga Kukar. Acara tersebut sekaligus dirangkai dengan Launching (peluncuran) Festival Erau yang akan digelar pada 3-10 Juli mendatang. Acara ini digelar di halaman parkir pintu utama Stadion Madya Aji Imbut. Berbagai pihak yang hadir dalam peresmian GOR Aji Imbut ini, antara lain:  Sultan Kutai Kartanegara Ing Martadipura HAM. Salehuddin II beserta putera mahkota HAP. Anum Surya Adingrat, Bupati dan Wakil Bupati Kukar Rita Widyasari-HM. Ghufron Yusuf, Sekkab Kukar HAPM. Haryanto Bachroel, unsur Forum Koordinasi Pimpinan Daerah Kukar, dan para kepala instansi dilingkungan Pemkab Kukar. Dalam sambutannya, Awang memberikan apresiasi yang tinggi kepada Pemkab Kukar yang memperhatikan bidang olahraga, serta ... Read more »

  • News

    Parties of Kutai Kartanegara Sultanate was scheduled to award degree to President of Republic of Indonesia, Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono. Degree will be awarded when the president visits the East Kalimantan in the day of National Week of Contact Farmers and Fishermen Mainstay (Penas KTNA). Granting title to the president planned to be conducted between December 21 or June 22, 2011 at afternoon, or after the event of KTNA Penas. The information obtained from Kutai Kartanegara Regent, Rita Widyasari mentions that the president is scheduled to arrive in Tenggarong, East Kalimantan on June 21, 2011. Before receiving the degree, the president is scheduled to be feted at a banquet along with the Sultan of Kutai Kartanegara Sultanate, Sultan H. Aji Muhammad Salehuddin II. Honorary degrees from Sultanate will be given in the evening specifically after having and will be held at the Mulawarman Museum at St. Diponegoro, Tenggarong, ... Read more »

  • News

    Erau is the tradition held every year by Kutai Kartanegara ing Martadipura Sultanate, Kutai Kartanegara Regency, East Kalimantan. Before Erau, there will be held various events leading to top event of Erau, one of which is Beseprah. The event of Erau Tepong Tawar in this year's begins with Beseprah. Basically, Beseprah is a form of solidarity between the Sultanate and the people. This tradition is embodied by eating together by sitting cross-legged, facing each other, and using hand when eating (common way of eating in family or village of Kutai). Starting from the relatives of Kutai Kartanegara Palace, the officials of Kutai Kartanegara, and ordinary people are gathered together in this tradition. Here the distance between common people, royal noble and official government to be dashed. The intention to strengthen brotherhood and dissolve the strata is a meaning contained ... Read more »

  • Opinion

    The following is a summary of cultural seminar entitled "Kutai Culture as the Red String of History Interlace Nations Towards a Civilized Society" held in Kutai Kartanegara Sultanate Palace on Saturday, July 9, 2011. The seminar featuring two speakers, the Secretary of Kutai Kartanegara Regency as well as Secretary of Kutai Kartanegara Palace, HAPM Haryanto Bachroel and the Professor of Indonesian Cultural Community, Edi Sedyawati. *** The progress of civilization which can be translated into two-sided, positive and negative, will inevitably impact on the transition of cultural order. The transition has two meanings, innovative culture or increasingly eroded. Of these two possibilities, seems the progress of civilization is more likely effect on second meaning, in this case are local cultures. Customs and cultures which are considered as the product of the past are now beginning to be unpopular. The ... Read more »

  • Tourist Destinations

    Mulawarman Museum Mulawarman Museum is one of tourist attractions as a mainstay of East Kalimantan province, especially Kutai Kartanegara Regency. The building was formerly the Palace of Kutai Kartanegara ing Martadipura Sultanate which its construction was completed in 1937. One year later, precisely in 1938, the Sultan of Kutai Kartanegara ing Martadipura Sultanate, Aji Sultan Muhammad Parikesit, along with the imperial family and the official have been occupied the new Palace. The procession of the inauguration of this magnificent Palace was splendid and enlivened with fireworks. After the independence of Indonesia, the Sultanate joined into the Unitary State of Republic of Indonesia. However, Aji Sultan Muhammad Parikesit and the family remained in Palace which is approximately 2270 m² until 1971. After that, the Palace was submitted to the Regional Government of East Kalimantan Province ... Read more »