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Kutai Kartanegara ing Martadipura Sultanate also gives awards for Non-Relatives outside the Palace. The award was given as an expression of appreciation for service and devotion to the Sultanate especially, East Kalimantan or to the Republic of Indonesia Generally.

The award is usually given coincides with the moment, for example in the series of anniversary celebrations of Sultan Kutai and others. One event conferring the award of Sultanate is when 85th birthday celebration as well as 10-year tenure of Sultan H. Mohd Adji Salehoeddin II in Tenggarong, East Kalimantan, October 2009.

The event was packed with the headline "Sultan Award" was attended by a number of high officials in East Kalimantan province and in East Kalimantan regency or city. The event "Sultan Award" in 2009 gave cultural awards to 16 people or artists who considered in preserving and developing the cultural arts in Kutai. The 16 figures who received awards from Kutai Kartanegara ing Martadipura Sultanate in were:

  1. H. Ahmad Dahlan (Cultural Observer, Author of the History of Kutai).
  2. H. Zailani Idris (Artist of Kutai).
  3. H. Usman Ahmad (Artist of Kutai).
  4. Ketet gelar Demong Setia Rojo (Gamelan artist of Kutai Kingdom).
  5. AP. Ario Jaya Winata (Mask Dance Artist of Kutai).
  6. Hj. Adji Raden Ratnawati (conservationist of Kutai Kingdom).
  7. HAP Ario Projo (Cultural Observer, Author of the History of Kutai).
  8. H. Abdurrahman Siddik (Music artist and Tingkilan art conservationist).
  9. Satar Miskan (Artist and Art conservationists of mamanda).
  10. Arbaenah (Sacred Indigenous artist of Kutai Kingdom).
  11. H. Achmad Bahrah (Author of Kutai-Indonesian dictionary).
  12. Hanafiah seniman (Kutai and Dayak dance coach in Balikpapan).
  13. Abdul Syukur (Artist and Songwriter of the folk songs).
  14. Ismet Rizal (Artist and Songwriter of Kutai).
  15. HAPM Gondo Prawiro (Cultural Observer, Author of the dissertation "Cultural Leadership of Kutai").
  16. Djumri Obeng (Folklore writer of Kutai).
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