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About the Palace

  • Principal Palace

    Kutai Kartanegara Royal Palace Kutai Kartanegara ing Martadipura Sultanate has Royal Palace that called Kedaton or Keraton of Kutai Kartanegara. The term "kedaton" comes from the word "kedatuan", so the term "Keraton" is derived from the word "keratuan". The both terms have same meaning which is Royal Palace or residence of the King. In the course of its history, the central government of Sultanate experienced several displacements. In 1732, it was moved from Kutai Lama (Old Kutai) to Pemarangan, then in 1782 moved to Tenggarong. However, the documentation regarding the form of the Palace in the early days has been unknown entirety. The obtained data is during the reign of Sultan Aji Muhammad Sulaiman who reigned in 1845-1899 made Tenggarong as the central government. This absolutely has very much adrift in the early days of the Sultanate that declared in the years around 1300 AD under the King Aji Batara Agung Dewa ... Read more »