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Princess Pheasant

Princess Pheasant

Once upon a time, there was a crown prince namely “the young king”. It has long time since the young king been dreaming to have a partner of his life, but still not found a suitable girl to be his wife yet.

When the young king was asleep, he dreamed, he saw an old man came to him and said to him that if he wants to get wife, he should go to the courtyard of a house on the coast. There grow will be found a coconut palm. If there are pheasants perch, he had to catch that pheasant, because the birds had just come down from heaven.

When he woke up from his sleep, he hoped the dream which still clear on his head comes true. The desire to get a wife made him believe on his dream and rushed off to find the appropriate instructions to that dream.

The young king immediately looked for a house which has courtyard and coconut palm. After searching for long enough, he finally found a house as exactly as depicted in his dream.  

The strategy to catch the bird had immediately been prepared by him. He hid himself under the sand, while his face covered with a coconut shell used to see the situation around the coconut. In addition, the young king also set up hidden trap somewhere to catch the pheasant.

The waiting time did not last long as in short time two pheasants came down from heaven. Just as the old man’s word in his dream, the both pheasants perched on the coconut palm.

Those two pheasants are sibling. At first the two birds perched on the branch of coconut palm, but soon the little sister came down and played in the sand. The older sister who was still on branch was trying to warn his sister by singing a song as a sign to her little sister to be careful.

Apparently her song of warning was ignored by her little sister. This bird was even more fun playing while humming happily but careless. The young king, who had been hiding under a pile of sand, was impressed by the melodious singing of little pheasant. Without noticing to the situation around, the little pheasant continued to sing and walked toward the place where the young king was hiding. When the pheasant has been close enough, the young king immediately caught that bird and put into the cage that has been prepared. Seeing this incident, the older pheasant feared and flew back to heaven.

After succeed to catch the bird, the young king was very happy. Finally the intention to get the pheasant over his dream on the old man’s word has been fulfilled. He returned to the Palace and put the cage containing the pheasant in the room next to the royal bed.

One night, a miracle occurred. The bird changed and transformed into a beautiful princess. This princess came out from her cage and went to the kitchen to cook a meal. After cooking, the princess back to the cage and transformed into a pheasant.

In the morning, when the young king was in his breakfast, he was so surprised because the dishes tasted better than usual. Therefore, he asked the Royal chefs who cooked the dishes for the breakfast. They answered that no one of them was cooking the dishes. Indeed, they were also surprised when they woke up, there were dishes on the table had already been served and prepared.

It turned out the same happened again in the next morning and the days after. This made the young king curious. To find an answer to his curiosity, he prepared a strategy. He will not sleep and try to peek at who cook the delicious food.

At the dawn, the young king heard a strange sound from the room where the cage was placed. Carefully the young king took a peek into that room and he was so surprised to see the view presented in front of his eyes. He saw the pheasant is transforming into beautiful princess. This princess walked to the kitchen and startend to cook without realizing that she is being watched.

Without wasting any opportunity, the young king hid the cage in his room. When a beautiful princess finished cooking and serving the dishes, she intends to return to the cage, the cage was gone. Panicked, the princess eventually hid somewhere.

The next day, The young king pretended to be angry over his lost of pheasant by showing an empty cage. He ordered all the Royal servants to seek his pheasant. The whole Palace had been sought, nevertheless the pheasant was found. The Royal servants only found a beautiful Princess who is being scared and hid. When she was asked by Royal servants, the princess admitted that she is the embodiment of pheasant. Finally, the princess is brought before the young king. Impressed by the beauty and magnanimity of the princess, The young king finally married her. Since then, the Princess of the incarnation of the pheasant is known by the name of Princess Pheasant. 

The marriage ceremony between the young king and princess pheasant was splendid. The lavish parties and banquets were held for days. The invited guests from various neighboring kingdoms were also invited. The couple bride seemed very happy.

One year later, the couple blessed with a handsome son brought more happiness among them. But happiness was inversely proportional to princess pheasant’s parent who lived in heaven. Their youngest daughter has not come home over one year yet. The Parent was really wanted to look for their youngest daughter into the world. However, they feared they would be caught or even killed by human being.   

Meanwhile, in the Palace, the young king and princess pheasant as usually seen together in Royal garden. The princess was appeared to be seated, while the young king lay down and put his head in the lap of the Princess. At that time, the princess stroked her husband's head. Feeling this treatment, the young king remembers to the melodious voice of princess when he tried to catch her. He wanted to hear the voice of his wife singing again.

The young king said this intention to his wife. But his wife refused the request politely. But the young king did not give up and tried to persuade his wife to sing. But for the second time the Princess declined and advised him that when she sings, she would be sad and he will be regret to ask her to sing. Apparently the young king did not care of his wife’s advice and more persuade his wife to sing. Again he just got a similar rejection from princess pheasant. However, the rejection made him more curious. Finally, princess pheasant granted the request and started to sing.

Song of pheasant was sung by princess pheasant with a very melodious voice. The young king was fascinated over her voice, and fallen asleep with his head resting on her lap. Seeing her husband fallen asleep, princess pheasant stopped singing, but the young king immediately woke up and asked Princess Pheasant to continue.

Princess pheasant continued the singing . The longer she sang the higher the voice, her heart was sadder reminded of her oldest sister and her parents in heaven. Her body was trembling and her tears was unbearable. Princess pheasant’s body slowly transformed into a pheasant flapped her wings slowly flew away out of her husband who was still asleep. At the same timeThe young king woke up from his sleep but his wife was no longer he found. He realized that princess has now transformed into a pheasant as he was looking a bird flying high left him alone.

Now, The young king only regrets his request over his beloved wife to sing. The song was made princess pheasant sad as she remembers her family in heaven. The song also made princess pheasant left him alone. Just useless regret and he must responsible over his request that make his beloved wife flew back to her home, in heaven.

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