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  • Oral Literature

    Princess Pheasant Once upon a time, there was a crown prince namely “the young king”. It has long time since the young king been dreaming to have a partner of his life, but still not found a suitable girl to be his wife yet. When the young king was asleep, he dreamed, he saw an old man came to him and said to him that if he wants to get wife, he should go to the courtyard of a house on the coast. There grow will be found a coconut palm. If there are pheasants perch, he had to catch that pheasant, because the birds had just come down from heaven. When he woke up from his sleep, he hoped the dream which still clear on his head comes true. The desire to get a wife made him believe on his dream and rushed off to find the appropriate instructions to that dream. The young king immediately looked for a house which has courtyard and coconut palm. After searching for long enough, he finally found a ... Read more »