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Stone Inscriptions

The Inscription of Meeting Hall

The inscription of meeting hall is located in one complex of Opu Manambom Daeng’s tomb in Sebukit Rama. This inscription was found on August 29, 2008 accidentally discovered by two pilgrims, Ruslan (28) and Mulyono (28). Both then reported to the keeper of Opu Menambon Daeng’s tomb.

This inscription is called the Meeting Hall because of its shape (structure of the stones) resembles a place used to be a meeting hall. This form of stone inscriptions widened along approximately 36 meters width and about two meters height. This inscription etched on a row of text that stretches along the hall. It was estimated used the letters of Pallawa. This assumption is strengthened by the argument that the letter contained the inscription Hall has similarities with the one that found in the Lotus shaped Stone in other parts of the Mausoleum Complex of Opu Menambon Daeng.

The shape letters which engraved on the inscription stone hall resembles a crown depicts King Airlangga who sits on Garuda bird symbolizes a form of worshiping to the God Vishnu. From these, early indications estimates that the inscription was made during the period of Majapahit Kingdom. The estimation was quite reasonable considering the relationship between the Kingdom of Bangkule Rajakng which was the genesis of Mempawah Kingdom with Majapahit Kingdom that had established their relationship when it was ruled by Patih Gumantar in 1380.

Another version states that the inscription of meeting hall was the creation of Sheikh Maulana Malik Ibrahim along with other great scholars to spread Islamic religion. Of one of the situations, many scholars were disappointed that the moral condition of mankind has decreased. Finally, they decided to create that memorial inscription.

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