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Amantubillah Palace

The name "Amantubillah" is derived from Arabic language which means "I believe in God". The palace dominated in green color is putting the words “Mempawah Harus Maju, Malu dengan Adat” (Mempawah Must be Advanced, Embarrassed over Traditions) at the gate. The Amantubillah palace Complex stood firm in Pulau Pedalaman village, East Mempawah District, Pontianak Regency, West Kalimantan Province.

Historically, the Palace was built during the reign Gusti Jamiril entitled Panembahan Adiwijaya Kesuma (1761-1787). In 1880, Amantubillah Palace was caught a fire when it was ruled by Gusti Ibrahim entitled Panembahan Ibrahim Mohammad Syafiuddin (1864–1892). Its renovation was begun until completed on November 2, 1922 under the reign Gusti Muhammad Taufik Accamaddin (1902-1943).

The palace complex is divided into three parts, which including the main building, the right wing building and the left wing building. In ancient times, the main building is where the king's throne, empress, and royal family were live, whereas the right wing building is for banquet preparation of royal family only. While the left wing building is a hall for the administration purposes only.

However, at present the functions of those three buildings have been changed, especially for the main building that serves as the museum of Mempawah Kingdom. There stored relics include the King's throne, the photos of Kings and Royal family, kris, Royal clothing, Royal umbrellas, and many others. The right building is functioned as a palace hall, while the left wing as the abode of the relatives.

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