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Heirloom Weapon

The Kingdom of Mempawah has hundred-heirloom collection of weapons though most of them cannot be accessed freely but only certain heirloom can be seen by public. The rest are stored at undisclosed location that only can be seen and known by certain people, such as the Kings of Mempawah Kingdom.

For those that can be accessed by public are usually on display at Amantubillah Palace, when being "washed" or paraded such on the procession of Robo-robo. These collections include: Opu Manambon Daeng Kris and Spear, Daeng Mataku Kris, Ratu Mas Stick, Tan Kafie Spear, San Po Kong Spear used by Commander Lau Tai Pha, Syeh Yusuf Kris, Panglima Ungie Mandau (knife), Panglima Idikonyan Mandau, Pagar Ruyung Sword, Ranggalawe Sword, Pakubuono V Sword, Samber Nyowo Sword, a couple spear called Lancar Spear, a couple sword called Mugul and Sterling Sword, one kris called Tanjung Lada Kris Cape, and 3 cannons which called Sigonda, Raden Mas, and Maryam. Sigonda is a symbol of men who are believed to come from Majapahit kingdom in Java and Raden Mas is a symbol of women who are believed to come from Bugis, while Maryam symbolized a child from Sigonda and Raden Mas.

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