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Dance of Selodang Mayang

Mempawah is multi cultural Kingdom. One of the culturale is realized through the dance which called Selodang Mayang. It is one of the typical dances in Mempawah kingdom retained and developed within the Palace. One way to preserve this dance was to build a studio as learning place for anyone who wants to learn Selodang Mayang dance.

Selodang Mayang dance is the creation of an offering to the guests who attended the big event at Royal palace for the entertainment. The dancers consist of five teenager of male and female who have been chosen. Before performing the dance, they are required to bath using setaman flower (made of seven kind of flowers).

The performance of selodang Mayang dance shows that Royal Mempawah gives great respect for the guests who attended from all over the archipelago. This dance also means that we should be able to hold manliness customs which aims to maintain and preserve the culture that led to the preservation of national security. This principal has been carried out by the nobles and kings of Amantubillah Palace, Mempawah Kingdom since previous times.

Selodang Mayang dance accompanied by the song of the same title "Selodang Mayang". The song was created by Pangeran Ratu Mulawangsa Dr. Ir. Mardan Adijaya M.Sc.

Dance of Senampan Beras

Senampan Beras is a dance that performed by seven dancers consisting of five female dancers who accompany one couple of dancers (male-female).

The dance tells of the lives of the teenager of male and female who are looking for their mate depicts in some stages, which consists of seeing their style and type, seeing their natural character in good or bad, and their each specialties. The way to choose a life partner must be done carefully as their future will be spend together either in happiness of sadness. The movements of an introduction imply that the politeness and the beauty, either outside or inner is something to be sought after all.

The dance of Senampan Beras is accompanied with the same dance name entitled "Senampan Beras" created by Prince Ratu Mulawangsa Dr. Ir. Mardan Adijaya M.Sc. On the other hand, the dancers are scouted in Raja Berdendang Studio located in the complex of Amantubillah Palace.

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