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Burial Grounds

The Burial Ground of Opu Daeng Menambon

The area of Opu Manambom Daeng’s tomb is located in Sebukit Rama 5 km from Pasir village, Mempawah Hilir District, Pontianak, West Kalimantan. There resides the first King of Mempawah Kingdom Opu Daeng Manambon entitled Pangeran Mas Surya Negara who died in 1763.

Opu Manambon Daeng (1695-1763) was Opu Tandre Borong Daeng Rilekke’ son, the King of Luwu Kingdom in South Sulawesi, who married to Putri Kesumba, the daughter from the couple Utin Indrawati (Panembahan Senggaok’s daughter, Mempawah) and Sultan Muhammad Zainuddin from Matan Tanjungpura Kingdom. The descendants from this couple Putri Kesumba and Opu Daeng Manambun were who hereditarily reigned in Mempawah Kingdom.

Opu Menambon Daeng’s tomb is located on the hill that required someone who want to visit climbing through hundred steps in total 256 steps. According to the myth, someone who tries to count the number of steps from below, that number will never be true. However, visiting this tomb is one of main agenda of Kings when implementing Robo-robo procession held every year on the last Wednesday in the month of Safar. In addition, it is also visited by many pilgrims especially on Thursday and Sunday.

The tomb complex of Opu Menambon Daeng is a witness as well as historical evidence tells this place was the central government of Mempawah Kingdom. Of these, there were also found many other historical evidences such as the stone for meditation Place, the stone pool in Lotus shaped, the inscription of meeting hall, and Belian wood stick.

Kings Burial Ground of Mempawah Kingdom

As for the burial ground of Mempawah Kings is located Pulau Pedalaman, East Mempawah District, Pontianak, West Kalimantan. There reside the Kings of Mempawah Kingdom and Royal relatives. Among of them are Gusti Mu’min entitled Panembahan Mu’min Nata Jaya, Gusti Mahmud entitled Panembahan Muda Mahmud Accamaddin, Gusti Usman entitled Panembahan Usman Natajaya Kesuma, Haji Gusti Amiruddin Hamid entitled Pangeran Ratu, Hajjah Encik Kamariah entitled Ratu Mas Sri Negara, Pangeran Faitsal Ibrahim, and Panembahan Ibrahim.

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